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By ROSS BILTON, The Australian – September 07, 2013

WHAT is it?

The elixir of youth, apparently. Popping these every day will improve your complexion, give you more energy and “slow the ageing process”, it’s claimed.

But it’s sheep’s afterbirth! I’m not eating that.
Don’t be a wuss. This is supposed to be a palatable alternative to sheep placenta facials, the treatment du jour for celebs like Victoria Beckham and Simon Cowell. J&B developed these capsules so that “you can look like the A-listers but still keep your lunch down”. And that’s from the press release.

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By KIMMI, The Plastic Diaries – September 24, 2013

When you hear the word “placenta” I am almost positive you are not thinking about anti-aging. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong. Let’s face it, placenta is one of the words we probably try to avoid hearing. So what would you think if I said some people actually consume placenta EVERY DAY? No, I am not one of those people but when I found out placenta was being taken as a nutritional supplement I just had to find out more.


Rumours are that Victoria Beckham and Simon Cowell are big fans of placenta facials, so can we expect to have their youthful skin if we swallow a bit of after-birth each day? As disgusting as it may sound some believe it is so because chinese medicine has used placenta for over 1400 years. Johnson & Barana is one company here in Australia selling placenta capsules. I asked Ming Xie, Ph.D from J&B a few questions to try and get my head around this concept.


What are Placenta Capsules? Do they really contain placenta and if so, where does it come from?

Sheep Placenta Capsules are a nutritional supplement. Its main ingredient is sheep placenta concentrate/extract that is sourced from healthy sheep farms in Australia and New Zealand.

What benefits could placenta have on the human body?

Placenta is a rich source of nutrients, growth factors and bio-active cytokines. It is based on these bio-essentials that new life is developed. Its main healthy benefits are promoting general health, boosting immune functions and promoting healthy aging.

Are there any known side effects? Is it possible to consume too much placenta or overdose?

There are no known side effects associated with sheep placenta consumption. However, sheep placenta is not recommended for cancer and other tumour sufferers. J&B Sheep Placenta has a recommended dosage of one capsule per day. That is the optimal dosage. We do not recommend consuming more than 2 capsules a day.

If you can get past the icky factor, the benefits of these capsules could help to improve your skin firmness and complexion, boost your energy levels and strengthen your immune system – all of which are important to keeping healthy and looking good. However, would the squeamish face you are going to pull every morning when you try to take the tablets end up causing you more wrinkles? That is something only you can decide.

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By LUCY, Skeeter & Scout – August 05, 2013

Yep, you heard me correctly- Sheeps Placenta! I have been consuming these tablets for 2 weeks now, in the hope that I they may have some form of benefit on me. Now, being that I work in the Baby industry, I have heard, on many occasion, about the benefits of consuming the placenta for health and rejenerative purposes. I dont have a baby, nor am I thinking of having one anytime soon, so the next best thing for me to try, is Sheeps placenta (and admittedly- one that is more stomachable just by the association that it has not come from a human).

Now, I know some of you may be dry-reaching at the thought of such consumption, but did you know: Sheep Placenta Capsules are scientifically shown to promote cell growth and help strengthen immune system? I would do anything for a healthier immune system, so was keen to jump at the chance to trial them.


Now, like I said, I have only been trialling them for 2 weeks, but I have actually seen a difference in the clarity and healing of my skin, and a slow increase in my energy levels (I am actually doing PT most nights- so this is a clear win to have any energy, let alone more).

Would I recommend?

Hells yeah! It may seem a bit weird at first, but it is just a white capsule and not only has copious health benefits, but helps slow the aging process- gigantic tick in my box (for someone as petrified of aging as me)!

So, come on: join the Sheep Placenta brigade, and lets consume placenta everyday!

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By ECB, Primped – July 01, 2013

Welcome to Cosmetic Crazy Town. Population: Growing.

I’ve been this way before, reporting on the kookiest concoctions known to celebrity complexions. But wait, there’s more!

Consider this The-Post-That-Makes-You-Feel-Entirely-Sane in your daily pursuit of smoother skin, sweeter smelling scent, brighter, whiter chompers and a healthier ticker. Let’s revel in our normality for a moment, shall we?

Sheep Placenta: I have to admit I did a double take when this info danced into my inbox last week. But once I’d looked into it, I see why Mary is justified for having a Little Lamb, sure to go everywhere she went. Dammit, she’s as vain as the rest of us! Placenta is massively bursting in nutrients, growth factors and bioactive cytokines – the tripod of which new life is developed – and sheep’s are well, so cute. So why not combine the two within an Australian Sheep Placenta Concentrate which contains equivalent to 3000mg standard quantity. Johnson & Barana Sheep Placenta Capsules, $33.95, from health food stores.

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