How are the Australian health supplements regulated?

Health supplements are classified as complementary medicines in Australia and regulated by the same government agency, Therapeutical Goods Administration (TGA), as prescription drugs and OTC medicines.

Health supplements in Australia have to go through a stringent pre-market assessment for safety, quality and efficacy before they are supplied into the market.


Are J&B products manufactured under GMP condition?


Under TGA regulations, health supplements have to be manufactured in GMP accredited manufacturing premises.

Health supplements in Australia represent the best quality in the world and we take pride that J&B products meet or exceed the regulatory requirements.


Where can I buy J&B product if I am a retailer?

As a retailer, you may contact the distributors listed on Stockists page.


Where can I get answer if I have questions on a J&B product?

You can contact us through telephone or email. Our friendly staff can answer your questions.


What is the difference between J&B Policosanol and Policosanol of other brands?

The active ingredient, Policosanol, used in different brands has almost identical composition which is governed by the TGA composition Guideline for Polisocanol (Sugar Cane Wax Alcohols).

The difference between J&B Policosanol and Policosanol products of other brands lies in the excipients.

Compared to other brands, J&B Policosanol contains no lactose, sucrose, gluten, yeast, salt; no artificial preservatives, flavours or colours. It is safe to use for people who happen to be allergic to some of the additives.


How much is shipping?

Shipping is $8 per product, and $2 per additional product.

Please contact us for international shipping.