Five Interesting Skincare Ingredients to Slather On Now

By ECB, Primped – July 01, 2013

Welcome to Cosmetic Crazy Town. Population: Growing.

I’ve been this way before, reporting on the kookiest concoctions known to celebrity complexions. But wait, there’s more!

Consider this The-Post-That-Makes-You-Feel-Entirely-Sane in your daily pursuit of smoother skin, sweeter smelling scent, brighter, whiter chompers and a healthier ticker. Let’s revel in our normality for a moment, shall we?

Sheep Placenta: I have to admit I did a double take when this info danced into my inbox last week. But once I’d looked into it, I see why Mary is justified for having a Little Lamb, sure to go everywhere she went. Dammit, she’s as vain as the rest of us! Placenta is massively bursting in nutrients, growth factors and bioactive cytokines – the tripod of which new life is developed – and sheep’s are well, so cute. So why not combine the two within an Australian Sheep Placenta Concentrate which contains equivalent to 3000mg standard quantity. Johnson & Barana Sheep Placenta Capsules, $33.95, from health food stores.

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