Johnson & Barana Sheeps Placenta Capsules

By LUCY, Skeeter & Scout – August 05, 2013

Yep, you heard me correctly- Sheeps Placenta! I have been consuming these tablets for 2 weeks now, in the hope that I they may have some form of benefit on me. Now, being that I work in the Baby industry, I have heard, on many occasion, about the benefits of consuming the placenta for health and rejenerative purposes. I dont have a baby, nor am I thinking of having one anytime soon, so the next best thing for me to try, is Sheeps placenta (and admittedly- one that is more stomachable just by the association that it has not come from a human).

Now, I know some of you may be dry-reaching at the thought of such consumption, but did you know: Sheep Placenta Capsules are scientifically shown to promote cell growth and help strengthen immune system? I would do anything for a healthier immune system, so was keen to jump at the chance to trial them.


Now, like I said, I have only been trialling them for 2 weeks, but I have actually seen a difference in the clarity and healing of my skin, and a slow increase in my energy levels (I am actually doing PT most nights- so this is a clear win to have any energy, let alone more).

Would I recommend?

Hells yeah! It may seem a bit weird at first, but it is just a white capsule and not only has copious health benefits, but helps slow the aging process- gigantic tick in my box (for someone as petrified of aging as me)!

So, come on: join the Sheep Placenta brigade, and lets consume placenta everyday!

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